GARMIN Software Update

No matter what you need to bring GARMIN to life on your connected device, GARMINe got you covered. With downloads from all your favorite app stores, there is something for everyone here – including downloads for your smartwatch. To Update Your GARMIN Device with GARMIN Express. Before updating your device, you will need to have GARMIN Express installed on your computer. If you already have Express installed, skip this step. Connect your GARMIN device to the computer with the appropriate USB cable. GARMIN Express makes it easy to update maps and software, transfer favorites to and from devices, and install free custom vehicles and voices. It continually checks for available map updates and automatically downloads them to your computer.

Our software update includes:

  1. Automotive
    Hit the highways and never look back with our portable Garmin street navigators. There's an easy-to-use navigator for any vehicle — and any budget.
  2. Sports & Fitness
    Beat Yesterday with a GARMIN Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker, Smart Watch, Running Watch, Cycling Watch and all your smart device needs available at GARMIN
  3. Outdoor Recreation
    Durable devices that go wherever you go and track your precise location along the way. Go farther than ever before when hiking and finding adventure.

  4. GARMIN software updates are essential for improving great GARMIN travel gadgets. Learn more about GARMIN updates!